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Avantech Electronics is involved in developing the actual electronic system, taking care of connexion possibility to the modern information system. Our products are completely produced in Serbia (from designing to the realization), providing our solutions to be easy adaptable to the customer/investor needs. Modern electronic systems produced by us possess all the qualities equal to the foreign ones, but with the great facilitation related with monitoring and managing. In spite of very important technical and functional advantages, our systems are far more cheaper than the similar foreign ones. We are noting that each of our products is result of up-datedness and creativity and you can make sure of it by yourself.

The product that makes us remarkable on the market is Avantech-QMS system for the electronic queue control in the counter rooms and we can freely say we are the leaders in the implementation of that kind of systems in region.
We particularly point out our willingness to give all the required additional information at any time, as readily as demonstrating in detail all the possibilities of our products and solutions. From our experience we learned that conversation between team experts always can result the new solution much better than suggested one, both from technical and financial aspect. It’s important to say that Avantech Electronics doo adjusts its systems to the customer/investor, which means that customer/investor doesn’t have to adjust its working process to our systems.

We hope this is a first step in maintaining our cooperation, and getting an opportunity to improve our capacity and readiness to solve, together with your experts, all the technical challenging in implementation of new technologies.