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Short description of the Avantech-QMS System


Avantech-QMS is Queue Management System made by Serbian company Avantech electronics. QMS (Queue Management System) presents a technical solution for long queues in waiting rooms. The system gives both clients and clerks the working environment without crowds and stress, as well as high technology organization of work with equal distribution of work among employees.

-         Solution for crowds and stress in waiting rooms;

-         Guarantees confidentiality of conversation between clerk and client;

-         No stress for the client: one service has only one waiting line!

-         All menus, papers, dialogues and software can be written in any language with the support for any international alphabet

           (Arabic, Farsi, Cyrillic etc.);

-         Full support for disabled and handicap persons (e.g. every clerk has the possibility to print the ticket at the ticket dispenser

          or remotely using his/her PC workstation)

-         Integrated sound system for automatic roll call of clients;

-         Listing of all statistical data and settings is performing by "Google Like"user interface;

-         The device is completely modular (both hardware and software. Anti-vandal hardware design);

-         Additional software modules and services are developed (monitoring on the national level, SMS notifications, luck games


-         Even with advantages compared to the competition – very good price!



Avantech-QMS installation in Komercijalna Banka


1.1.      Short description how the Avantech-QMS works

When entering the counter room, a citizen/client, approaches metal ticket dispenser where he/she selects the type of service. The ticket printer is located in the device casing. If the installed version does not have touch screen, next to each anti-vandal button is a diode in the metal casing signaling if the function/service is active at the given moment. After selecting the service, the user gets the ticket with the queue number, as well as the list of counters offering selected type of service, logo of the organization/institution, exact time the ticket was generated, as well as approximate waiting time, commercial message (the management places the commercial on the ticket and it can be updated daily on the PC by using any web browser).

Besides the counter displays, also the so called central displays can be used in order to show the queue numbers of the clients that are served at the moment with information about the position where they are served. After every change (roll call of the next citizen/client) audio signal can be heard as well. In institutions where the organizations of the counters/officers are more or less intuitive, instead of the central display, a "counter" display for the given service can be used. In this situation, the display has the same function as the central display, except for the information about the counter where the user with the certain number is serviced.

Citizen/client waits for his/her number to appear on the display or to be called over audio system.

When starting the work day, the clerk at the counter identifies himself/herself, as well as the type of service he/she will be performing. After servicing every user, the clerk presses the function button “next client”. In case the user with that number does not show up, this number can be put on hold, skipped or called again. During the course of work days the type of service can be changed, the clerk can go on a break etc. By pressing the function button AUDIO CALL the clerk can use audio system to call the client. 



System software installed on QMS:

-       Linux OS (Fedora32b > 11);

-       Apache web server >2.x.x

-       MySQL >5.x.x

-       PHP >5.x




Web browser is used in order to access to all the data and statistics. The data can be displayed on each network PC via web browser.

The administrator’s screens

Avantech AVT-P2-TCH ticket dispenser

Dimensions (in mm) of Avantech AVT-P2-TCH ticket dispenser



Type of service selection menu (for regular and VIP client)



Avantech AVT-P2-NT ticket dispenser



Tickets - examples

(Note: the estimated time of service could be printed on the ticket)

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Kajron


Examples of integration with Digital Signage System



Avantech AVT-DV2 central display (two-lines display)


Avantech AVT-DM1 “counter” display with dimensions



Audio elements (amplifier and sound speakers) used for calling of clients: e.g. „Client A193, counter 4! “