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Basic information:

·    Free standing info kiosk;

·    Indoor and outdoor version;

·    Steel, silver-grey RAL 9006, or different upon request, smooth spray finish;

·    Easy branding of the info kiosk – front side of the info kiosk is made from Plexiglas transparent material with LED back light;

·    Anti vandal design;

·    Dimensions: height 160 cm, width: 52 cm, depth: 60 cm;

·    19” (4:3) anti vandal LCD touch screen based on SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technology;

·    Sliding system for easy pull out the printer out of the info kiosk in case of paper jam situations;

·    High voltage protection;

·    UPS;

·    Built in sound speakers…

Built in PC Configuration:

·     Small form factor;

·     1.6+GHz Atom procesor;

·     1+ GB RAM;

·     120+ GB HDD;

·     Ethernet 10/100;

·     6 x USB 2.0;

·     Operative system upon

      request: Windows or Linux;



Additional elements/modules for Avantech AVT-INFM19 modular info kiosk:



Custom VKP80II or Zebra KR203 thermal 80mm printer


Custom KPM210-216 or Zebra TTP 8000 thermal A4 printer


Kyocera FS-3920 A4 laser printer


Verifone Artema modular POS terminal


MagTek IntelliStripe 65 manual-insert card reader (magnetic stripe, contactless and smart cards)


MagTek IntelliStripe 320 motorized card reader

(magnetic stripe, contactless and smart cards)

Custom PCSCAN4A4 scanner

Stainless metal keyboard with “track ball” mouse

Innovative technology NV200 NV200 bank note validator with change functionality


Innovative technology SMART Hopper - a true multi coin hopper

  • Proximity sensor;
  • Web camera;
  • Web camera;
  • Bar code reader;
  • 3G/GPRS modem;
  • etc…



      Why Avantech Modular Info-Kiosk?


     Modular design of hardware enables easy customization of the configuration to the needs of the particular investor. Namely, in case that some time in future there will be a need to print certain documents on the info-kiosk, instead of replacing the entire info-kiosk, a new metal module could be added containing e.g. thermal A4 printer. The same situation is with credit card readers, ID card readers, scanners, etc. This approach enables investor to keep the entire value of the existing investment, without a need to replace the whole info-kiosk, just because the investor got an additional functional request, e.g. installation of ID card reader. All the hardware modules are mounted onto metal holders that hold all the elements, while all the cables are physically protected from the users. Some of the modules that can be mounted onto the holders are listed in the next chapter of the description;

     Info kiosks share a common problem of confusing the end-user about their purpose, so info kiosk contains a LED back light module carrying a marketing message with a purpose to make it clear to the users about the purpose of the info-kiosk and what tasks can the client complete at the info-kiosk. Also, a separate module that holds flyers and commercial materials can be ordered.

     Avantech info-kiosk is portable, i.e. it is not necessary to be fixed to the floor. Avantech info-kiosk has the leveling pods at its bottom, with rubber heads that makes it possible to place Avantech info-kiosk at the uneven surfaces as well. Bottom/base plate of the Avantech info-kiosk is at the same time the stabilizer of the system, its large weight moves the system’s center of gravity lower. The total weight of the info-kiosk and its low center of gravity restricts easy moving and bringing down the info-kiosk (extremely big force is needed to bring it down). If investor explicitly requires, Avantech info-kiosk can be sealed to the floor as well.

     Avantech info-kiosk has a specially designed printed PCB with the following function:

-       to modulate the signal from the sound card so it can be transferred long distance, while being resistant to the 50Hz

        harmonic noise (loudspeaker noise) generated by the power installation;

-       to filter out the noise from the power 230VAC 50Hz network generated by the other appliances;

-       Ethernet 10/100Mbps connection;

-       RS-485-RJ-45 plug to transmit serial signal long distance (this is necessary if info-kiosk controls a display, etc)

     All the cables used to connect info-kiosk to Ethernet, power or RS-485 network are protected so in case of accidentally tearing the cable(e.g. with a leg movement) no hardware elements in the info-kiosk are jeopardized. Instead, in such a case, only the cable needs to be replaced, if it is physically damaged. This is a practical problem and the hardware is designed with respect to it.

     All the hardware elements (all the info kiosk configurations) are equipped with drivers for both Windows and Linux OS, so the hardware doesn’t limit your selection of application platforms. Linux driver support is the best guarantee that Avantech info-kiosk hosts top quality equipment that you can also expect a quality tech support for („no name“ hardware elements are often non-standardized and usually don’t have any tech support e.g. for Linux).

     In the process of the design of Avantech info kiosk, a special attention was paid that ventilation holes are positioned in such a way that wiping the info-kiosk with a wet wipe cannot cause any short-circuit (real-life situation when cleaning lady is wiping the dust off the info kiosk). Short-circuit can cause immense consequences.