Avantech QMS



Short description of the Avantech-QMS System


Avantech-QMS is Queue Management System made by Serbian company Avantech electronics. QMS (Queue Management System) presents a technical solution for long queues in waiting rooms. The system gives both clients and clerks the working environment without crowds and stress, as well as high technology organization of work with equal distribution of work among employees.




Avantech-QMS installation in Komercijalna Banka


-      Solution for crowds and stress in waiting rooms;

-      Guarantees confidentiality of conversation between clerk and client;

-      No stress for the client: one service has only one waiting line!

-      All menus, papers, dialogues and software can be written in any language with the support for any international

       alphabet (Arabic, Farsi, Cyrillic etc.);

-      Full support for disabled and handicap persons (e.g. every clerk has the possibility to print the ticket at the ticket

       dispenser or remotely using his/her PC workstation)

-      Integrated sound system for automatic roll call of clients;

-      Listing of all statistical data and settings is performing by "Google Like" user interface;

-      The device is completely modular (both hardware and software. Anti-vandal hardware design);

-      Additional software modules and services are developed (monitoring on the national level, SMS notifications,

       luck games ...);

-      Even with advantages compared to the competition – very good price!