Ministry of Finance of the Republic od Serbia, Treasury Administration


In the branches and offices of the Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance, a functionality has been introduced that enables clients to take a number to wait in line without entering the counter hall and follow the queues via mobile phones. Namely, in accordance with the binding recommendations of the Crisis Response Team for the Suppression of Infectious Diseases COVID-19, the number of clients that can be found in the counter hall at one time is limited. In that sense, within the functionality of the Avantech-QMS, it is possible for citizens to take the number without entering the branch or branch office of the Treasury and to monitor the status of the queue on their mobile phone.

The mentioned functionality is read in the following:

  • At the entrance to each branch or branch office there is a QR code, by scanning citizens can get the option to take an electronic waiting list in the queue and to monitor the status of the lines in the branch or branch office;
  • The citizen scans the QR code with his mobile phone and appears in the mobile phone's web browser, where next to the table with the current status of the queues (list of all types of services with information of the last called line for each type of service and number of clients currently in line for each type of service ) there is a button "Get queue number";
  • By pressing the "Get queue number" button, the citizen is informed on the mobile screen that before choosing the type of service, he must turn on geolocation on the mobile browser to make sure that the citizen is in the immediate vicinity of the branch, ie. to prevent unauthorized and maliciously takes numbers in rows;
  • After activating the geolocation on the mobile phone (for the website and if the citizen is within a predetermined distance from the branch, a new website appears in a web browser in which the client is offered the keys of identical services that are located on the touch screen of the ticket dispenser, which is physically located in the branch / branch office, and on which the ordinal numbers are printed on paper slips;
  • The client selects the type of service and receives the ordinal number in PDF and HTML format and the status of the queues for a given branch / branch is printed out (the last dialed number for a given service and the number of clients in the queue);
  • The client can wait outside to be called instead of waiting at the branch / branch.
  • With this functionality, customers can wait outside without stress to be served and even get a queue number without entering the branch.

The advantages of this technical solution are that customers do not have to have any "QMS" application on the phone, only a web browser and a QR code reader are enough (all new phones come with QR code reader in the operating system itself, and on older phones customer can download any QR code reader application from Apple / Google Store). The system works with all smartphone operating systems. 



University Children's Hospital Tiršova


Avantech-QMS has been implemented at the University Children's Hospital Tiršova, which is fully integrated with the Heliant health information system used within the hospital. Microphone roll call is also enabled through the integration of microphones within the web browser. The system is fully integrated with the tables for scheduling health examinations at the national level. 


Clinical Hospital Center Zemun


Avantech-QMS has been implemented in CHC Zemun, which is fully integrated with the Comtrade health information system used within the hospital. The system is fully integrated with the tables for scheduling health examinations at the national level.


Republic Fund of Health Insurance

Avantech-QMS has been implemented in the branches of the Republic Fund of Health Insurance, which is integrated with health information systems in primary health care in the sense that appointments for extended sick leave before the RFHI commission are made by a selected doctor in the health center.