Avantech-QMS System software:

  • Centos release 6.9(Final)
  • Server Version: Apache/2.2.15(Unix)
  • MySQL Version 5.1.73 Source Distribution
  • PHP 5.3.3, Zend Engine v2.3.0

Web browser is used in order to access to all the data and statistics. The data can be displayed on each network PC via web browser.


 Avantech AVT-SL license for using Avantech QMS system via Ethernet network (per PC):

  • visible name/queue number of working place
  • visible employee’s username;
  • visible current type of service with possibility for the employee to change it independently if needed;
  • visible information on the number of clients currently waiting to be served for the type of service that employee is in charge of as well as number of working places corresponding to that kind of service at that moment;
  • an option of roll calling the next client;
  • an option of taking a pause;
  • an option of directing/forwarding the clients;
  • an option for calling the client by the automatic generated voice that will include the number and place of service in case of no show after the display call;
  • visible client within the service place including the information on time spent to be served and the time when the client’s processing started;
  • information about necessity of changing the paper in printer;
  • in order to protect the client’s information system of computers the employees are using for queue management system it’s forbidden to install not any of additional software, which would be used for interaction with controlling queue system (type of document *.exe, *.com, *.msi, *.opl, *ocx, *.dll, *.bat, and it isn’t allowed using the ActiveX control) with a purpose of calling the clients, following the statistics and other operations related with queue management system;
  • the system is in function in systems where all of the computers, except the server ones, dynamically get IP addresses, staying  completely independent from client’s DHCP server, in other words in cases of changing employee’s computers MAC addresses it’s not implicated not any of settings on DHPC server;
  • an option to connect the counter terminal with any of the displays without installing additional software in order to show the number of the client receiving the service.