Avantech-QMS has the ability to easily integrate with all software solutions used in the banking sector, especially with CRM (Customer Relation Manager) and m-Banking applications.

Integration with CRM is ensured by customers identifying themselves at the ticket dispenser via their payment card when entering the bank, and Avantech-QMS forwards the customer identity data (hashed PAN number from the payment card) to CRM, which enables personalization of the service for a given user which is reflected in the fact that all advertisements that are printed on slips and displayed on a TV set are adjusted to the assumed needs of clients, etc.

Integration with the mobile application allows the user to take a queue number via the m-Banking application on their phone (if it is physically close to a bank branch), reserve an appointment for the service in the desired branch and monitor the status of queues in each individual branch (this view is standard enables on the portal of the bank itself). The advantage of integration with the m-Banking application is that the system knows the identity of the user at all times when picking up a queue or scheduling an appointment, which prevents any malicious actions that can occur via the Internet without checking the client's identification. Appointments are also enabled via the Internet, where his / her phone number is used as the unique identifier of the user who makes the appointment, and the identity itself is confirmed by entering the password control that the user receives via SMS.